The weather has a direct impact on all construction projects. Representatives from a leading Roofing company in Duluth, GA, state that they avoid projects during the rain. It is essential to understand that this was not an easy decision. Most consumers tend to face various issues during the rainy season. The roof could leak or crack under the high pressure of the beating rains. There could be water logging due to blockage in the gutter or downspout.

Any of these problems would quickly escalate and rot the internal structure of the roof. However, companies diligently avoid any roofing projects in rains. Specialists from the segment have conducted extensive research on this topic. They have identified the ideal season for installation. According to these studies, spring, autumn, and early summer can be the proper installation or repair.

Rain is the only season when roofers tend to postpone the project. This is mainly because moisture has always hurt the roofing materials. No amount of tarp or cover could prevent moisture from entering into the decking. This can also cause severe issues in an extended period. However, this is not the only reason why a roofing company in Duluth, GA, avoid these projects. Here are some reasons why roofing projects are done in the rain.

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Employee safety

Employee safety is the primary concern when it comes to installation or repair. Leading Roofing Company in Duluth, GA, take adequate measures to protect their staff. However, the height and angle of the roof often increase the risk quotient. This will be enhanced if the structure becomes slippery due to the rain.

Protect decking from moisture – Roofing company in duluth Ga

The shingles will protect the decking from direct exposure to heat and rain in the general scenario. However, this might not be the scenario during installation. The deck is usually made of wood and can retain moisture. This would gradually weaken the structure and cause long-term damage.

Strong winds

Strong winds usually accompany rains. This could tend to blow off the shingles and other tools. This could cause a hindrance to the installation process. The flying debris can also harm the homeowners or even the neighbors.

High humidity

The high humidity would minimize the adherence of the shingles. In addition, it would prevent the items from attaching to the deck and one another. This will cause the shingles to fall off with the slightest disturbance. 


The insurance will not approve a claim if the roofer installs or repairs the roof during the rain. This could severely cause a financial loss in the future.

Building Codes – Roofing company In duluth GA

The government has levied various regulations regarding the installation process. If the Roofing Company in Duluth, GA, installs during the rain, it would be against the rules.

These are the reasons why a roofing company in Duluth, GA, do not undertake projects in the rainy season. It is natural for customers to wonder how they can handle an emergency during this period. For example, people cannot stay in leaky homes because they do not extend their service. Leading companies such as Duluth Roofing Service would identify a temporary solution. They will handle the issue once the sky clears up. Most companies tend to plan their schedule around the weather.

If there is a prediction of rain, then they will postpone the project. However, the climatic conditions are quite unpredictable. The city is no stranger to sudden downpours. The Roofing company in Duluth, GA, will identify an alternative solution in that regard. Sometimes, there is always the possibility of rains in the middle of the project. In that case, the roofer will cover the structure with a tarp to prevent water entry. Reliable companies such as Duluth Roofing Service will always be prepared to handle emergencies.