No matter how diligent you are in the constant maintenance of your roofing system, you’ll later have to replace it, although not as early as those who don’t regularly check up their roofs. Periodic checkups will sustain the quality and integrity of the roof for a long time.

So, when your roof is starting to need more repairs than ever or is more than 2 decades old, that is an indicator that it’s time for a replacement, which begs the question of the best time of the year to install a new roof.

Although some seasons are better than others when it comes to roof replacement, the best time to install a new roof is when you’re adequately prepared and have made all the plans necessary for the installation of a new roof.

The busiest roofing seasonsRoof repair

Fall: The best season for roof installation because the temperature is between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the weather is not usually unpredictable, so it is the best time for shingles to set and seal.


Due to the overall cool weather, roofing contractors can work all day long without getting overheated.

Projects are faster during this period


 It is the busiest season, and homeowners are reminded of the oncoming winter and start making appointments with roof contractors.

Roof contractors tackle the most needed roof replacement first, so your project may be postponed. We’ll get into the beginning of winter.

Spring: Although not as busy as fall, spring can also be quite busy for roof contractors. The winter season has just finished, so homeowners want to repair all the damages made during winter.


Since the temperature is never less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit, asphalt shingles can adhere and seal properly.

It is not as busy as fall


Unpredicted showers can affect the work process

Roof repair in Duluth GA

The slowest roofing seasonRoof repair

Winter: it is the slowest season for roof repair and installation for apparent reasons.


Contractors are not usually busy during this period, so you can quickly get an appointment and start your project.

You might be able to get your roofing service at a lower price


Shingles need thermal heating to set at a temperature of fewer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The process might take days.

Snow, sleet, and other winter weather make roof repair during this dangerous.

Summer is not as slow as winter; early summer is perfect for roof repair when the humidity has yet to set in, and the rate has stopped.


Early summer is consistent and warm enough to allow all tools and materials to function correctly.


There are a lot of appointments during early summer, so prices go up

Once late summer sets in, it affects working conditions, hours, and the roofing materials themselves

Don’t want until emergencies

Many homeowners wait until their roof is in dire need of repair before calling on roof contractors. Once your roof is ready for replacement, replace it. Postponing it until it gets worse is bound to make you repair it in the rush hour and also doesn’t give you adequate time to prepare and plan for the kind of roof you want or the contractor you are going to hire for your roofing service.