Fall falls between summer and winter. It’s the best season for roof repair. The coldness is gone, and the mild sun enters the sky. Autumn brings its share of problems to the roof. It’s not a harmless season for the roof, but it’s the perfect season for Roof repair in Duluth GA. The staff at Duluth Roofing Service is busy taking orders for repair works this season. Fall is when the earth renews itself, so people misjudge that it’s when their roof is entirely safe. But unfortunately, the roofing repair in Duluth GA is on the rise during this season. There are many reasons; here we list out some of the roof damages in fall. The post is as per the experience of Duluth Roofing Service.

Roof repair in Duluth GA
Roof Repair In Duluth GA

Poor Roofing Installation:

The work of inexperienced roofing contractors is sometimes below par. Similarly, experienced contractors from other areas of America who have little idea about the Duluth environment cannot give you a good roof. The poor roofing installation becomes more apparent in the fall as it has just seen a harsh winter. Suppose the structure is not perfect, like bends in flashing, loose shingles, cracks, low sealant power, etc., immediately call Duluth Roofing Service. The expert team will visit and give you an estimation report. They examine the problem areas and provide the possible solutions to strengthen the weak roof. You can also hire their roofing contractors for Roof repair in Duluth GA.

Ice Dams:

The winter and the snow may have covered your roof with ice. When the sun comes back, the ice thaws and flows down the drain; sometimes, the gutters are frozen, or the water that flows down freezes again in-between and blocks the drain. It’s a big mess when it forms ice dams, and the melting water starts stagnating on the roof. It gives a good chance for the ice-cold water to find cracks and enter your home. Moreover, stagnating water for many days is very unhygienic. There are no well-known precautions to avoid ice dams. If you have proper insulation, there is a chance for protection. Fall is the right time to repair these problems. People can replace old drainage systems with new ones. The falling leaf can create more blocks and worsen the woe. So, it’s good to clear it out quickly.

After Effects Of Stormy Season:

Winter storms bring heavy snowfall and can uproot trees. It’s a time when the roof sees the most damage. We may not come out and check the damages during winter. We slowly check wherever the roof needs repair as the snow melts away. Even though we may take preventive measures for the storm, it’s inevitable. So, it’s clear that fall is the season when you can do. So, it also prepares your roof for the summer, where UV rays can affect your roof again. You can invite a professional to assess the damage and discuss the possible solutions and expenses. Check your flashings, shingles, and gutter, and clear your chimneys. Duluth roofing service has roofing contractors who probe the best Roof repair in Duluth GA. You can contact them for professional help.

Clogged Gutters:

Ice Dams are not the only reason for clogged gutters. The leaves that fall during autumn can get inside the drains and plug them. Sometimes rodents and birds block the downspouts. The unwanted cute visitors look for new places to build their nests during fall. A rooftop is a perfect place for them to start a new family. Insects will look for gaps in the shingles and flashings, loosening their hold further. Clogged gutters can also have granules, indicating that the roof is eroding its top layer and things are getting damn serious. Clear the drain before the next rain. And if there is snow or water at the top, you should act immediately. Connect with Duluth Roofing Service for quality roofing repair in Duluth GA. Some men try to clean the gutters themselves, but professional intervention is reasonable to evaluate other damages to the roof and treat it immediately.


When the water freezes while it flows from the roof, it forms icicles. When the freezing ice at the top is thicker, it becomes an ice dam. Both icicles and ice dam forms because of poor ventilation and insulation of the attic. Icicles can be threatening to the pets. Never knock the icicle as it can damage the roof. Ice dams and icicles, when heavy, can bend the roof deck, so you should seek professional help immediately. Duluth Roofing Service helps solve all types of Roofing repairs in Duluth GA. If you sense that the roof is in trouble, call them directly. When the drains are all clogged, the situation gets even worse. Before the icicles turn into ice dams, we should try to clear the heavy ice on the roof because the ice dams will exert more pressure on the shingles and cause them to break down.

Falling Leaves:

Autumn comes, and all the trees start shedding their leaves. If tall trees surround your tree, the dried leaves accumulate over the roof. The fruits, twigs, dust, and other debris collected on the top can be dangerous. When it rains, they clog the gutters. Moreover, once moisture seeps into the dried leaves and becomes heavy, it’s not okay for the roof as it can cause roof leaks. Kindly don’t plant tall trees very close to your building. Remove the leaves and dust periodically and never let them clog the drains. When you have trees around, rodents and birds visit often, and they can also be an imminent danger to the roof. If you cannot clean the roof as it’s too steep or for any other reason, you can call Duluth Roofing Service.

Lack Of Roof Maintenance:

Some people ignore the roof. After some years, roof leaks suddenly appear, and then they run for roofing contractors. Before that, the flashing and shingles would have gone. The top layer of the roof, too, may erode. Severe damages like this require a lot of effort to repair. Experts say we should have a roof inspection every year during the fall and repair damages as soon as we find them. Insulation and ventilation also have to stay fine so that snowstorms don’t break your roof. The best idea is to contact the experts in Duluth Roofing Service. They help you inspect the entire roof for any damages. Once the team identifies the problems, the roofing contractors for roofing repair in Duluth GA come to the site and do the job.

Heat Exposure And Flashing Leaks:

Sun is no less to storms and rains, causing roof damage. It can cause cracks through which water can seep in during the winter. Even the more challenging and robust commercial roofs experience wear and tear from the sun. But it’s easy to identify damages in the shingled roof, so if you stay alert, you can find it and remedy it immediately. So don’t think heat exposure doesn’t harm your roof. Once the fall sets in, the roof goes through many changes. As sunshine comes, it’s the right time to check the flashing and nails. If you ignore fixing the flashing leaks, the roof’s exposure to the sun will bring in more cracks. Repair the damages, and change them with the help of professionals for roof repair in Duluth GA.


As fall comes in, warm air touches the snow. We all know when hot air contacts a cooler surface, condensation happens. If the attic has poor insulation and ventilation, the probability of condensation is higher. The problem with condensation is it leads to mold and mildew. Mold slowly erodes the top layer and destroys the roof. The damage even enters the home’s interior, and cracks are visible. If we leave it untreated, it will lead to roof leaks weakening the roof further. Apart from condensation, poor ventilation and insulation also lead to ice dams and icicles. Look for good roofing repair in Duluth GA, and keep your roof strong to meet any harsher climate changes. Most people suggest that Duluth Roofing service is a roofing partner we can trust blindly.

Bird And Rodents Intrusion:

Birds and squirrels look for safe shelter during the cold season. The attic is their best choice. If left uncared, they destroy the roof and will lead to roof leaks later. The pests don’t go away even when fall comes back. They wander around the roof and even pull down the loose shingles, exposing the roof to harsh weather. In the long run, it affects the insulation and ventilation of the attic. It leads to ice dams, icicles, and roof breakage when winter comes. You can avoid this by visiting the attic often and keeping it clutter-free. Keeping birdhouses and bird feeders around your house can also help a lot. When you suspect that the roof has got damaged, call Duluth Roofing Service for an inspection. It’s good to repair the minor glitches immediately to have a happy and safe year.

We hope the discussion about roof damage in autumn will help you understand the need for repair in the fall. If you need any roofing repair in Duluth GA, call Duluth Roofing Service. The licensed contractors have good experience handling all kinds of roof repairs in and around Duluth. To get more information, click the link.

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